In the last these capacities (Fellow of Advance Higher Education, Full  Professor of Law (England)), I have finalised a series of books, monographs and articles in the area of Banking Law and Company Law, as well as Contract Law, at the University of Padova Law School, the second oldest law school in the world after Bologna.

From October 2018 until January 2019, I was also Salaried Visiting Professor of Company Law at the University of Bari School of Law. I am producing an impressive array of publications. Because of this, after a very successful career in the UK, I opted to move to the Continent. I am also an international lawyer, and I have been such since 2006, with my chambers based in Edinburgh, Rome, Venice and Leeds.

In April 2017, I was appointed Professor of Law (full professor), after a very selective public recruitment process, at the University of Huddersfield – Huddersfield Business School – Law School (England). I started in this post on 21 August 2017. For five months, between August 2017 and early January 2018, I was Acting Head of the Law School. For six months I have been the Head of REF in the School of Law, and, in collaboration with the Associate Dean for Research, I have been the REF mentor for the whole Huddersfield Business School. I have been also Deputy Director of the Consumer Behavioural Centre. Between 11 April 2018 and 14 September 2018, I left/resigned from the University of Huddersfield, and I continued for one year to hold the full qualification as Full Professor of Law of England and Wales, in order to pursue more intensive research activities across Europe. I have found the environment at Huddersfield reminiscent of a secondary school. Academiae appeared to be research-unfriendly, with very basic teaching courses, as well as a strong localism. Nevertheless, in a less than organised environment, I managed to be in charge of an office of 24 people, although, when I was appointed as Professor of Law, I was not informed of this temporary role as Acting Head of Law School.

Until August 2017 I was Associate Professor of Business Law at the School of Social Sciences, Business Management Department, at Heriot Watt University (HWU), Edinburgh (Scotland), where I started as a lecturer in business in 2008. I was appointed Associate Professor in 2012, and therefore I was in the post as Associate Professor of Business Law for more than five years, with a permanent full-time contract. De facto, in the last 3 years of employment there, I have been the leader of the small law group, made up of four people.

At Huddersfield University, too, I have been on a permanent basis and with a full-time contract as Professor of Law. In 2017/2018 I was the module leader of International Banking and Financial Law and Company Law, while in 2018/2019 I was module leader in Company Law. I was given all of a sudden, for 5 months, the role of Acting Head of Law School, in order to navigate the Law School towards a new Head of Law School. I was so successful that I managed to pass a course and qualify as Chartered Manager. The course and the final assessment were based on my successful experience as Acting Head.

At the University of Huddersfield, I have introduced for the first time modules in International Banking and Financial Law, and International Company Law. At HWU I was course leader for International Banking and Financial Law (fourth year, honours level), Company Law (fourth year, honours level) and Employment Law (third year). In the past I have also been in charge of courses in Company Law at the Dubai Campus (2008/2009), International Trade Law (2012/2013) and a course of Law in HR Management (2008 to 2015). Among my various affiliations, I have been a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA) since 2010) and a member of the Scottish Graduate School of Arts and Humanities (from 2014 until 2017).

At HWU, in 2012, I won the student award at HWU for ‘Best Lecturer, Innovative Feedback’ and in 2014 I was awarded the prize for ‘Most Supportive Lecturer’ in the Business Management Department. In 2015, I completed the ‘treble’: I won the University special ‘Suave Award’. In 2017 I was shortlisted as the best lecturer in the ‘Switched-on Award’. I am the first and, so far, the only scholar at HWU to have won all the different categories of award. Prior to my appointment at Heriot-Watt University, I was tutor at the University of Edinburgh – Law School, in both contract law and tort, and visiting lecturer in Business Law I and Business Law II at Glasgow Caledonian University.

Graduating in Law from the University of Bari (110/110 summa cum laude). I then went on to complete both my Master’s in Banking and my Ph.D. in Banking and Financial Law (Siena). I also have an LL.M. in European and International Trade Law (with distinction, Glasgow Caledonian University, winning the prize for the best LL.M. student and best dissertation in law) and a Post-graduate Course in Academic Practice (PGCAP: Heriot-Watt University). Additionally, I have a Diploma in Classical Studies (Lyceum Gymnasium 60/60). I am qualified as a lawyer in both Italy (Avvocato) and Scotland (Solicitor and Notary Public), practising as from early December 2019, and I am now re-qualifying as a barrister in England and Wales (I am already enrolled with Gray’s Inn). I have recently completed the process of enrolment with the Italian higher courts (Corte di Cassazione), where I have now become an avvocato cassazionista (13 December 2019) and on 26 February I have become a practising notary public in Scotland.

Following the completion of my Law degree I worked as a lawyer in the law departments of a number of large corporate banking and financial institutions (IMI, SAN PAOLO IMI, and Deutsche Bank, where I was Head of the Corporate and Investment Banking Legal Department) as well as for the international Law Firm Baker & McKenzie (where I was Senior Advocate in the practice group Banking, Finance and Securities). Since 2006, I have worked and I am still working, independently as a legal advisor and advocate providing legal opinion and assistance in the negotiation of international commercial and financial contracts (derivatives, credit derivatives, loans, syndicated loans, securitisations) to a number of corporations and financial institutions in Europe. I also advise on capital markets transactions (IPO, take-overs), company law, and banking and financial regulation.

To date, I have contributed more than 100 publications in the area of Business Law, with topics spanning Banking and Financial Law, Company Law, Contract Law, and Employment Law. In my publications I sometimes use a methodology based on a comparative analysis of law, between English law, Scottish law and Italian law, in a number of cases through the lenses of the EU legislation/regulation. In 2014 I wrote, with Matthias Haentjens, Professor of Banking Law at the University of Leiden Law School, a textbook in European Banking and Financial Law. This book was published by Routledge UK in June 2015. A second edition of the book, to be published in 2020, has been accepted for publication after a review by three anonymous referees. The manuscript has been submitted and it is now on the verge of being published.

In the last three years I have worked on research spin-offs from this book (particularly on the topics of depositors’ protection, mortgage directive, compound interest, resolution tools, and banking supervision) as well as on corporate governance, in some cases with a comparative analysis in law. In the last year I have been particularly focused on the three pillars of the Banking Union, the bail-in and the other resolution tools. The two monographs I am working on are obvious evidence of this: on 4 November 2019, I submitted a monograph in English on the resolution tools to Revista de Derecho Consursal y Paraconcursal (published in December 2019). For Studium, Series of Business Law, I managed to submit a manuscript on the banking internal recapitalisation, in Italian, which has been published in July 2020 (after a double peer review). The monograph on “Bank Crisis and Creditors’ Rights” has been published, after a double peer review, for the reputed series “Studi sull’Integrazione Europea”, Cacucci. Prospectively, the two Italian monographs will be further expanded in English, for a treatise in English, for Edward Elgar.

Furthermore, my specialisation in structured finance (securitisations and shadow banking) does not need too much explanation, and these should be my third and fourth monographs (in Italian and English respectively). The one in Italian, for the Law Series of the University of Bari, is in preparation during these days (expected date of publication: October 2020), whereas the English version is expected to be published for Routledge (contract already signed) and the date of publication should be December 2020.

Instrumental in this high level of specialisation is, in my view, also my attendance at the best high school in Europe, the Gymnasium, where I read Latin and Ancient Greek: these subjects, so rigorous and demanding, have contributed to shaping my mindset. Additionally, I work in the second oldest law school in the world (my Italian research affiliation), and at Complutense, as visiting researcher. Also because of this, I would be happy to learn modern Greek, as my ancient Greek background would be very helpful.

Despite this ultra-specialisation which is rare in English academiae, I enjoy being eclectic, too: my research also touches on employment law topics, such as the employee shareholder and the contract of employment, with a comparative analysis of law, and on an interdisciplinary analysis between law and finance and law and economics. 

I am a member of the Editorial Board of Rivista Trimestrale di Diritto dell’Economia, Diritto Fallimentare and Rivista Formazione, Lavoro e Persona. In 2015 I was awarded a research grant of €17.000 by the University of Cagliari, with an appointment for three months as Invited Salaried Visiting Professor in Comparative Law. Finally, at HWU four of my publications were selected for the REF 2014. At the Cagliari Law School, I was also Visiting Scientist (July 2016). At Heriot-Watt University, I was the Director of the Business Management Degree Programme from 2010 until 2017. In the last five years of employment in Edinburgh, I promoted and finalised the conclusion of partnerships with a number of Universities, amongst them Carlos III, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, and Ludwig Maximillian University, Munich. I was also responsible for the internationalisation of the Ph.D. programmes.

I have been Visiting Scholar in Banking and Financial Law at the Law School of the University of Leiden (Hazelhoff Centre for the Finance law) since July 2014. I am also Professor of the Ph.D. School in Employment Law and Human Capital Formation at the University of Bergamo; and I am in charge of a course in International Financial Law at the University of Padua (‘MASCI’ post-graduate programme in International Commerce, usually held in June). The latter appointment involves 12 hours of teaching in English over two consecutive weekends. In the academic year 2014/2015, I was appointed visiting lecturer in labour law at the Law School of the University of Stirling, where I delivered an entire module to 20 students. In the recent past, I have also been visiting and adjunct professor at the University of Venice – Ca’ Foscari. At the School of Management of Ca’ Foscari I was Visiting and Adjunct Professor in Law of Mergers and Acquisitions in 2016 and 2017 (Jus 05).

I am bilingual (English and Italian), I hold dual citizenship (both British and Italian), I am dual qualified (Solicitor in Scotland and Avvocato in Italy) and I am becoming fluent in Spanish, thanks to my visiting professorship at Universidad Complutense during 2019/2020. As already mentioned above, I studied Latin and Ancient Greek for five years when I was at the Gymnasium. I still love reading the Greek and Roman classics in their original languages. I am an expert (and duly qualified) in both common law and civil law, and I am able to analyse the topics of my areas from this dual perspective.


                                                  Pierre de Gioia Carabellese